Zurich Technology Solutions’ team of talented reuse experts have spent years engaging and aligning with leaders to understand the global secondary market to offer security, responsibility and maximum recovery.

As your strategic asset value partner, we can help you get the best return on assets not yet at the end of their useful life or revenue potential.  Our team has a history of serving thousands of equipment buyers, including planners and procurement professionals from the top telecom and IT organizations, to devise and implement efficient and cost-effective reuse strategies for wireless, wireline, IT and broadband networks.

Asset Recovery Services highlights

  • Removal and Resale of Excess or Legacy Networks
  • Reverse Logistics including Screening, Testing and Warranty of Client Owned Equipment
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of equipment
  • Certificate of destruction for a level of security for client’s Intellectual Property
  • Removal of sensitive Data like Patient Health Information in the case of the healthcare industry

We are committed to orchestrating sustainability throughout our operations; actively work to encourage the responsible management of used electronics and provide our customers and employees with access to information on responsible recycling practices. Additionally, Zurich is well-versed with domestic and global mandates, and therefore, our downstream partners are R2 Certified electronics recycling vendors which reinforces our “Zero Landfill” initiative.

Zurich strives to demonstrate leadership in electronics recycling by being compliant with ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 & R2 standards.

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