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4 points of caution when buying refurbished telecom equipment

As we explored in past articles, there are several advantages when buying refurbished telecom equipment. The cost-savings aspect, the increased sustainability, the fact that you don’t need to retrain your team, amongst others. 

However, whenever key decisions are to be made, one must always consider the downside along with the upside. While purchasing refurbished equipment responsibly, there definitely can be some downside and we want to show you how to avoid this. 

In this article, we have selected 4 main points of caution when you decide to purchase refurbished telecom equipment. 

Points of caution when buying refurbished telecom equipment 

1. Potential conflict of interest

When looking for new equipment and spare parts directly from manufacturers, it’s common for a conflict of interest to arise. The clear intention of the manufacturer is to always sell new products with shiny state-of-the-art technology. Why? To keep growing its business (and your dependence) with new parts and services. 

While they will push this new technology with claims of falling behind the competition or even warnings of not being able to adapt to the needs of your customers, the investment can be high and many times, unnecessary at that current moment. Thus, there is a conflict of interest. Your company is trying to reduce costs, increase return on investments and increase sustainability actions while the manufacturer is trying to sell new and expensive, capital-intensive products. So what to do in this case?  

Hiring an unbiased provider is something that has significant value in this scenario. By understanding your needs, goals, and limits, they will have the necessary information to help you make the decision to buy new equipment or continue using refurbished ones. No one can stop new technology and you will eventually need to upgrade, but an unbiased service provider can help you make this decision, when it really is necessary. 

2. Attention to products that do not adapt to new technologies

Some refurbished telecom equipment does not adapt well to certain technologies – especially newer ones. So, before purchasing any refurbished equipment, make sure it adapts to the technologies you need (now and the foreseeable future). After all, a piece of equipment that does not adapt can cause problems in terms of functionality, causing dissatisfaction and even bigger unforeseen costs.

 3. Beware of counterfeit refurbished equipment

When considering the quality of service offered by the telecommunications company, it is also important to highlight the necessary attention to not purchase counterfeit equipment. This point of caution should be fairly obvious, but due to its prevalence, we want to highlight its importance when purchasing refurbished telecommunications equipment. 

Unfortunately, there are unreliable suppliers in the global telecom market and the purchase of these products can greatly damage the operations of your service and reputation of your brand. Therefore, pay attention to the company that supplies the refurbished telecom equipment. Make sure it is a reliable company, with a good reputation in the market and the highest levels of quality assurance. 

4. Pay attention to product warranty

It’s common that suppliers of refurbished equipment provide a short warranty time (or even provide one, at all) for the refurbished products. Be sure to ask what is covered in their warranty and for how long. Therefore, in case of problems it becomes more difficult to get the repair or a replacement product. When buying from companies that have less time in the market, pay even more attention to this.

Here at Zurich, for example, we test and certify every part before shipping and provide a 12-month warranty on all of our refurbished telecom spare parts. 

What should be considered before buying refurbished telecommunication equipment?

Before deciding on buying new or refurbished telecommunication equipment, it is important to make a thorough analysis. So make sure the following topics from companies supplying the equipment:

  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Do you have a warranty on equipment and parts?
  • Do they have good customer service?
  • Do you have quality certifications? (Example: ISO9001, TL9000, etc)

It is also essential to assess your needs and your budget. Only after that can you make a well-informed decision, with the possibility of ensuring greater savings and contributing to the environment by buying refurbished equipment.


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