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Zurich Technology Solutions Implements Wireless 5G Backhaul for Leading Global Network

Cracking the Code in Scaled Rollout of Enterprise Class IoT 5G Networks

Irvine, California – January 31, 2019

Zurich Technology Solutions, Inc. has successfully completed the implementation of an unlicensed spectrum, 5G transformation for a leading global network.  The success of this implementation establishes a repeatable and scalable best practices model for major network transition in the new 5G era.

In today’s age of on-demand services, Zurich is a leading provider of network solutions for OEMs and Carriers in the midst of redefining themselves.  Through a powerful combination of best-in-class open solutions and a consultative approach, Zurich is radically transforming networks.  Zurich uses this combined approach to fully identify and vet the key bottlenecks that wireless carriers face on their journey to 5G.  This combination allowed Zurich to design, implement and validate a premier grand scale transition solution.

Craig Brechner, CEO and Cofounder at Zurich stated, “This implementation is one of the foremost leading edge validations of 5G transitioning protocol in the industry.  It establishes great confidence in our ability to design and implement 5G transition for carriers and networks of all sizes from small regional players to major metro and global networks.”  According to Ben Ealey, Chief Technology Officer at Zurich, “Cracking the code to 5G transition begins by having a rich, experience-based understanding of the complexities of networks combined with the nuanced implications the new technology presents.”  Ealey indicated that consulting efforts to fully evaluate the bottlenecks, of which there are 5, provided the underpinning for Zurich’s successful roadmap. The five bottlenecks are categorized as follows:

  1. RF Capacity
  2. Antenna-RAN
  3. Backhaul Connection
  4. Core
  5. Edge Compute
Key Network Bottleneck Categories that Impede 5G Transition

Zurich offers network consulting, strategy and solutions in bottlenecks two through five.  These solutions provided the foundation for defining our approach in executing the leading global network’s successful implementation and are characterized as follows:

Bottleneck #2:  Antenna-RAN

  • Installation-upgrade of antenna-remote radio-lines-digital unit and power

Bottleneck #3:  Backhaul Connection

  • Design-Installation-Upgrade of backhaul with Ceragon Microwave

Bottleneck #4:  Core

  • Upgrade of IT core to support Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Bottleneck #5:  Edge Compute

  • Design and implementation of “mini data centers” to form an edge compute fabric

Brechner further stated that, “We could not be more excited to partner with today’s Carriers because we have complete confidence in our ability to bring validated solutions to the complex challenges they now face.  Zurich’s experience uniquely qualifies the company to enter as a much needed and trusted partner to address the demand for expert resources in IP network planning and execution of the 5G transition process.”

About Zurich Technology Solutions

Zurich is a Delaware corporation. Through our affiliation with Amerinode, we have a global presence in six countries including USA, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

The company’s core service and equipment offerings include:

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