Zurich Technology Solutions is headquartered in Irvine, California with additional facilities globally.

We are founded by established industry network providers, bringing a rich heritage of success in servicing clients since 2007. Zurich Technology Solutions operates globally distributing Telecom and IT equipment as well as invaluable in-house technical and professional field services.

Our customers attest to our unparalleled delivery and include leading industry Wireless and Wireline Operators, OEMs, IT Cloud Service Providers, Cable Companies, Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Federal and State Governments and Utility companies.

The name Zurich reflects our affinity for iconic Swiss values; mastery of complexity in engineering, impeccable quality in delivery and fearless ascent of the most challenging mountain peaks.  We are in this business because we grew up in it and intimately understand the implications of the incredible change our market is going through today.  We have assembled the most caring and competent team of industry leaders to help our clients solve the most complex problems they now face.

Join the Zurich client list and become part of an elite community of Engineers and Technicians who seek to challenge the Status Quo and bring peak performance to their networks.  



Repair & Exchange of Telecom and IT Equipment
Zurich offers specialized, multivendor repair and exchange expertise supporting the leading equipment OEMs including Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei Cisco and many others.

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Remanufacturing and Repackaging to Telecom and IT Equipment
We have been conducting remanufacturing services for major carriers since 2007, consistently delivering low cost, quick turn and quick setup/transition.

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Spare Parts Management and Reverse Logistics
Leveraging Zurich’s proprietary web based software, network service providers can easily manage spare parts with full visibility of location, host systems, warranty management, field technician, SLA by vendor, history, etc.

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Field Services
We optimize field force capacity utilization resulting in significant operational efficiencies where field technicians are empowered to increase both revenue generation and recovery.

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IT Help Desk for Core Infrastructure Equipment
Our network engineers can answer technical questions, support our web based software, provide network expertise or service quotes using our lightning speed, proprietary in-house quoting system.

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Asset Recovery and Recycling of Excess Inventories
Zurich Technology Solutions’ team of talented reuse experts understand the global secondary market. As your strategic consignment partner, we can help you get the maximum return on assets not yet at the end of their useful life or revenue potential.

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Trusted Partners
Zurich Technology Solutions is your trusted partner in the complicated world of telecom and IT Network Lifecycle Management. We understand the challenges of supporting the growing, unique demands of our customers with legacy and next generation multi-vendor networks.

Our world class highly trained engineers and technicians perform a wide array of telecom and IT equipment remanufacturing services in support of our global customer base. Our experienced team and trusted partners are committed to the execution and ongoing development of processes that serve to improve the quality and value we provide to our customers.
Wide Selection, Top Quality Parts
If you are looking for a wide selection, preeminent quality and competitive pricing, Zurich Technology Solutions’ specialized team is proud to offer customers the highest degree of value with rapid delivery on a vast array of in-stock items.

Zurich Technology Solutions is the optimal support partner for your telecom and IT equipment, including: wireless infrastructure, circuit and IP switching, fiber networks, microwave transport, custom cable kits from all leading manufacturers in new and refurbished condition.
Efficiency & Value
With speed and professionalism, Zurich Technology Solutions seeks to meet your specific needs by offering multi-vendor products with an exclusive warranty of up to 36 months coupled with significant savings from OEM prices. Our products are handled, packaged and tested in accordance to Telcordia Standards, with specialized packaging and ESD protection.

Zurich Technology Solutions specializes in supporting and providing central office, switching, and networking hardware and equipment. Call Zurich first when seeking peak performance for your network.


Global Carrier

Gil’s RTP staff is always
easy to work with. It is clear that they
strive to deliver on a promise of quality,
speed and accuracy. You have a
strong sense that the company believes
in its people.

Leading Cloud Services Provider

Thank you for your team’s work at ___.

The professionalism and performance shown

is exactly what we would expect and it was

a pleasure to work with you…

As you have seen there is potential

for more work here…

Craig and his staff provided

great value in many areas of

our business. This spanned from a full

Excess & Obsolescence program

to active marketing of our

pre-owned equipment.

The end result was cost savings,

revenue generation and having access

to equipment the business required.

They were very flexible to our business

needs and willing to bring solutions

to the table.

Craig has been marked with his honest,

sincere approach at good business-

with results that show mutual interest

in profitable relations.

He safeguarded my interests as well

as his own- making Craig a rare

and invaluable partner.

I trust Craig and will continue

to work with him and his company.

Leading Cloud Services Provider

We appreciate your professionalism

and timely support on the ___ project.

Thanks!  We hope to continue to build the

partnership between our organizations.


Craig Brechner
Co-Founder & CEO
Ashish ZTS
Ashish Rampal
COO, Zurich Technology Solutions


6 Autry | Irvine, CA 92618
+1 980-500-1200